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Escort work in Kazan

We have been working in Kazan since 2013. Kazan is not only the cultural capital of Tatarstan, but also a significant tourist center that plays an important role in the economy of the region. Tourism in Kazan includes a variety of aspects: from visiting historical and architectural monuments to immersing yourself in the unique Tatar culture and cuisine. Kazan is a large industrial and economic center in the Eastern part of Russia, where industries such as mechanical engineering, oil refining, chemical industry, construction, trade, education, healthcare and tourism are developed.

Work for girls in Kazan

- We invite girls to work in Kazan😎

- Price from $150 to $300 per hour for classic services (everything else is additional, the additional services are yours) 💵

- We will provide accommodation in a good 4-5 star hotel💕

(Fitness rooms, swimming pool, etc...) or premium apartments ❤️

- Real, high, stable earnings from $30,000 per month 💰

- Large base of wealthy, verified clients 👍

- A stable flow of orders, we cooperate with hotels + our English-language sites are in top positions, in addition to advertising, which we purchase in huge volumes 😋

Escort work in Kazan is a great opportunity to earn money!!!


We always welcome new faces to our team 

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