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Escort work in Moscow

We have been working in Moscow since 2013. Moscow, the capital of Russia, is a large and diverse market that provides a significant share of the nation's economic potential. Moscow plays a key role in the Russian economy due to its high level of investment, diversity of industries and businesses, and large population.

Work for girls in Moscow

- We invite girls to work in Moscow😎

- Price from $150 to $300 per hour for classic services (everything else is additional, the additional services are yours) 💵

- We will provide accommodation in a good 4-5 star hotel💕

(Fitness rooms, swimming pool, etc...) or premium apartments ❤️

- Real, high, stable earnings from $30,000 per month 💰

- Large base of wealthy, verified clients 👍

- A stable flow of orders, we cooperate with hotels + our English-language sites are in top positions, in addition to advertising, which we purchase in huge volumes 😋

Escort work in Moscow is a great opportunity to earn money!!!


We always welcome new faces to our team 

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