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Эскорт кувейт

Escort job in Kuwait

We have been operating in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait, since 2015. Escort work in Kuwait is one of the most profitable areas. Kuwait City is the largest economic center of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti currency is considered the most expensive currency in the world!! Kuwait is a rich and technological country, millions of tourists and businessmen visit this country every year. An amazing fact, there are no taxes in Kuwait and no need to repay loans!!!

Jobs for girls in Kuwait City Kuwait

- We invite girls to work in Kuwait 😎

- Price from $400 to $600 per hour classic services (everything else is extra, extra services are yours) 💵

- We will provide accommodation in a good hotel 4-5 stars💕

(Fitness rooms, swimming pool, etc...)

- Real, high, stable income from $30,000 per month 💰

- Large database of secured, verified customers 👍

- A stable flow of orders, we cooperate with hotels + our English-language sites are in the top positions, in addition to advertising, which we buy in huge volumes 😋

Working as an escort is a great opportunity to earn money!!!


We always welcome new faces to our team 

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